The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County

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“The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County” is a Western novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It follows the story of Buck Mason, a courageous deputy sheriff, as he upholds the law in the rugged and lawless Comanche County. The novel is filled with action, adventure, and the challenges Buck faces in maintaining justice in a tough frontier setting.

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“The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County” is a riveting ebook penned by the renowned author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Set against the backdrop of the rugged American frontier, this novel is a thrilling blend of western adventure and classic Burroughs storytelling.

The story follows the journey of its protagonist, a determined deputy sheriff named Buck Mason, as he grapples with the challenges of maintaining law and order in the untamed Comanche County. Mason’s character is a compelling mix of grit and integrity, and readers will find themselves drawn into his moral struggles and unyielding pursuit of justice.

Burroughs’ masterful storytelling brings the Wild West to life, with vivid descriptions of the sprawling landscapes, intense shootouts, and complex characters that populate this lawless territory. As the plot unfolds, readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of suspense, action, and unexpected alliances, making “The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County” a must-read for fans of western fiction and Burroughs enthusiasts alike. With its engaging narrative and rich historical atmosphere, this ebook promises to keep readers hooked from start to finish, delivering a gripping tale of bravery and honor in the Old West.


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