An Antarctic Mystery

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« An Antarctic Mystery » by Jules Verne is an adventure novel set in the icy Antarctic, filled with suspense and intrigue.

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« An Antarctic Mystery » is a gripping and enigmatic novel written by the renowned French author, Jules Verne. Originally published in 1897 as « Le Sphinx des glaces » (The Sphinx of Ice), this literary masterpiece is a thrilling blend of adventure, mystery, and exploration.

Set in the unforgiving and icy expanses of the Antarctic, the story follows the daring voyage of Captain Len Guy and his crew as they embark on a perilous expedition to unravel the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of the famous explorer Captain John Hatteras. Along the way, they encounter treacherous icebergs, savage wildlife, and the eerie specter of Hatteras himself.

Verne’s meticulous attention to detail and scientific accuracy, combined with his vivid storytelling, create a narrative that immerses readers in the harsh and unforgiving world of the Antarctic. As the crew ventures deeper into this frozen realm, they confront not only the physical challenges of the environment but also the psychological and moral dilemmas that arise in their quest for truth.

« An Antarctic Mystery » is not just an adventure novel but a thought-provoking exploration of human endurance, obsession, and the pursuit of knowledge. Verne’s timeless tale continues to captivate readers, inviting them to join in the adventure and mystery of the frozen continent.


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